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You Can Get A Baby Yoda Tiki Mug and Have It I Must

It’s been a minute since we have come across some cute Baby Yoda goodies! Today that changes! We have found the cutest thing EVER!


A Baby Yoda Tiki Mug! Yes, yes, I know…it is ‘The Child” from The Mandalorian, I just like saying Baby Yoda!

I think it is time to set aside a little of the chaos we have been submerged in, and take a moment to saturate our souls in cute happy stuff. The moment is now, behold…

Cute right? It looks like it is an actual tiki carving! He is holding that little cup too!

You can order the mug now for $24.99 with free shipping! It holds 16oz and works for hot and cold drinks.

Or you can keep it on your desk to hold your pen! Or just put it on your shelf with the rest of your Baby Yoda collection!

Did you know you can also get Golden Girl Tiki Tumblers? They are from the same company too! They have Ditsy Rose, Sultry Blache, Feisty Sophia, and Determined Dorothy!