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These Halloween Cat Lawn Gnomes Are Both Cute And Creepy At The Same Time

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You know, there really isn’t too much in life that scares me, besides cats, spider monkeys, and birds (not chickens) that is.

I know, super weird, but I have my reasons, all of them are sketchy in my eyes.

If you’re looking for something super unique that is a little bit cute, and a little bit scary and maybe you love cats, these are for you!

They would be perfect in front of the house, on the porch, guarding your garden, or even in the house.

They’re like garden gnomes, but they are cats!

These unique Halloween Garden Gnome Cats are the perfect lawn accessory!

Each piece is completely hand-designed and hand-made, so every cat gnome is a bit different than the other.

One cat has a witches hat, the other has some scary horns, all are very occult-ish looking for the ultimate cute horror pop in your decor.

I love the Halloween card illustration look they have to them, they totally look like something vintage.

If you have a witchy-like friend, these would make an amazing gift that they would proudly display every day of the year!

You can buy your own Halloween Cat Lawn Gnomes from Tolkientown on Etsy!

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  1. I ordered them how do I get a tracking number to see if they have been shipped yet. I haven’t received them yet.

    1. @Patrica Dean, you can get them here:

  2. This is just a bootleg of the original cat statues by Nemesis Now. That etsy seller just sells bootlegs from Aliexpress and claims its their own. I am an official retailers for Nemesis Now merch and I am really disgusted by how that are claiming to sell bootleg as their own. It’s really shady.

    1. @Lily, where can you buy the stuff from nemesis now? The website appears you need to be a retailer.

    2. @Lily, yes, I am also interested in purchasing from the original artist

    3. @Ashlynn, i ordered my nemesis now cats from Amazon. Directly from the nemesis now shop. Search for baphomet horned cat and they should pop up for you

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