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Texans Are Making Videos To Show Us The Results Of The Winter Storms And They Are Devastating

My brother lives in North Texas, and he has been sending me daily pictures of the mess that is going down in Texas right now.

Courtesy of Patrick Rutherford

Luckily, they haven’t yet run out of power or water — although they have been without internet for three days now.

They are definitely in the minority and LUCKY, for sure!

Courtesy of Patrick Rutherford

They ARE, however, running into trouble when they try to go to the store for supplies, which they are rapidly running low on.

The lines at the stores are CRAZY long, and they are pretty much bare-bones empty.

Courtesy of @bettermotors on TikTok

There are so many other Texans that are in a world of hurt right now.

From busted pipes, to below freezing temps INSIDE their houses, people are posting their devastation on TikTok, and it is shocking.

Courtesy of @leeblake70 on TikTok
Courtesy of @renewithane on TikTok

It’s so bad that roofs are caving in, and water is pouring out of the pipes in the ceiling.

Courtesy of @renewithane on TikTok

Houses are just being TORN up, and temperatures are crazy cold INSIDE the houses!

Courtesy of @sunshineinrain23 on TikTok

Y’all, it’s so cold inside houses that fish tank water is freezing, and the results are so sad!

Courtesy of @ray.k13 on TikTok
Courtesy of @ray.k13 on TikTok

With such freezing temperatures inside houses, it is no surprise that people are a bit chilly, to say the least!

They are posting shocking videos where you are able to see their breath when they talk or breathe.

Courtesy of @lunalunaband on TikTok

Outside their houses, cars are freezing.

Doors are frozen SHUT, and those lucky enough to get inside their cars, are having to punch through thick ice to be able to see out their windows.

Courtesy of @tiffanyflowers1711 on TikTok
Courtesy of @tiffanyflowers1711 on TikTok

Swimming pools are turning into frozen over ponds of water — which CAN’T be good for the pools.

Courtesy of @buyorsellwithmaribel on TikTok

On a lighter note, it is so cold outside that people are making the best out of a horrible situation, and being a bit goofy.

They are getting their hair wet, and it pretty much instantly freezes outside.

Courtesy of @jesscarpenterwrites on TikTok

They look a little like the Whos down in Whoville from The Grinch, don’t you think? Ha!

Courtesy of @jesscarpenterwrites on TikTok

Everyone send love and well wishes to those in Texas. They aren’t out of the woods yet, and things are looking bleak, to say the least.

Courtesy of @ThomasBlackGG on Twitter

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