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Heinz HoneyRacha Sauce That Combines Honey And Sriracha is Coming and I’m So Excited

Heinz is known for having simply the BEST sauces in North America. I totally made that up, but Heinz sauces are my favorites of all the sauces, on ALL the things.

Now, Heinz is marrying two of my FAVORITE condiments: Honey and Sriracha sauce. OMG, yum!

The sweetness of the honey —

Combined with that heat KICK to the taste buds from Sriracha sauce. YOW! I can hardly wait!

This tasty condiments has not yet been spotted at stores, but according to @candyhunting on Instagram, it is the next thing on the list for Heinz to bring to stores.

Can you even imagine how good this spicy hot, sweet condiments is on hamburgers. OMG! I need it right now.

You know what else? This would also be good in spaghetti sauce! I use both honey and Sriracha when I fake-make (I use the jar stuff, but add ingredients to it) sauce for spaghetti. A couple squirts of this totally amazing combination would make the sauce PERFECT!

Bring on the sweetly spicy sauce! The sooner, the better, Heinz! Please and Thank You!

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