This Woman Had A Heinz Sauce Packet Stuck Inside Her Body

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Okay, add this to the top of weird things stuck inside your body for $100.

This Woman Had A Heinz Sauce Packet Stuck Inside Her Body. Yes, a Heinz sauce packet. WOAH.

According to reports, a 41-year-old woman was seen for having abdominal pain.

The pain lasted more than six years resulting in her diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease which is a condition that causes inflammation of the lining of the digestive system.

When her symptoms got worse, she was taken into surgery where doctors found a mass containing two pieces of plastic packaging bearing the word ‘Heinz’ in the wall of her small intestine.

Yes, she had a Heinz sauce packet embedded in her body. OMG!!

The crazy thing is, once that was removed, her symptoms disappeared and she has since been fine.

When doctors told her what they found, she was shocked saying she had no recollection of eating a meal involving the plastic product.

Man, she really must have been drunk, tired or just oblivious to have eaten a sauce packet. I mean, can you imagine trying to swallow that let alone chew it?!

I am just glad she is okay but let this serve as a reminder to never, ever eat sauce packets. Ha.

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