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Here’s A List Of Starbucks Holiday Drinks From Around The World

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Starbucks and Christmas are probably two of my favorite things. So when the holiday drinks come out, I am ALL for it!

Even though our Christmas flavors are pretty awesome, especially the combinations we’ve concocted on our Starbucks Secret Menu, there are so many other amazing flavors and options around the world for the holidays that we want to share with you!


Golden Christmas Tea Latte – China

This is a black tea infusion with Tahitian vanilla flavor and caramel sauce for a smooth, mellow taste of tea and milk. It sounds super interesting! I feel like I could make something similar…new Secret Menu Drink anyone?


Matcha X Matcha White Chocolate -Japan

This looks incredible. My mouth is already watering. These two options come with marbled layers of matcha swirled between cool white chocolatey cream, finished with brownie bits and powdered sugar. YUM.


Jolly Baked Apple Cold Brew – Asia Pacific

Now, this one has me a little concerned on the taste. This mixes the taste of apple cider and cold brew. it sounds pretty questionable to me.


Merry Strawberry Mocha Frappuccino – Latin America & Caribbean

Now this one I know probably tastes amazing. We have made many versions of this for our secret menu. You can never go wrong with a drink that tastes like chocolate covered strawberries!


Berry X Berry – Japan

Now this drink was inspired by the cranberry bliss bar, so I can only imagine it tastes magical. It is made with white chocolate sauce, mixed berry sauce, steamed milk and espresso.


Lava Choco Dark Mocha – China

This looks like my PMS dreams come true. It’s inspired by chocolate lava cake, and has dark chocolate, espresso, and is topped with a sprinkle of soft and sweet dark chocolate cake crust.


Truffle Deluxe Hot Chocolate – Europe

Hello PMS dream drink #2. If you’re a chocolate fan, this just might send you to heaven. This is a creamy hot chocolate with mocha, whipped cream, and a chocolatey truffle topping.

With me being a huge Starbucks fan, this is making me want to travel the world and try everything! But since I can make unique creations and don’t quite have the travel funds, I may just have to start making some of these for us in the U.S.! Which one was your favorite?

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