Oreo Sour Patch Kids Cookies Exist So Get Ready to Pucker Up

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First they’re sour, then they’re… a kid’s cookie?

The Sour Patch Kids have officially stumbled across a snack that all of us can say, we’ve enjoyed with a tall glass of cold milk.

Enter, the Oreo cookie.

Now I hate to burst your bubble Sour Patch Kids, but we’ve known about Oreos for a long long time now, but we’re glad you’ve finally come across the fan-favorite snack.

Courtesy of @oreo

In a crazy matchup that you’ll have to sit down for, the Sour Patch Kids and the Oreo team have come up with a cookie flavor that we never thought could exist.

Combining the great taste of a crunchy chocolate Oreo and the sourness of a Sour Patch Kid, these new cookie packs will surely make your lips pucker!

Courtesy of @oreo

Featuring two tan halves that sandwich a white Oreo creme filling with multi-colored sour sugar inclusions.

Although at a closer inspection, you’ll also find the same colorful inclusions scattered within both halves of each Oreo cookie!

Courtesy of @munchwithdes

Now we’re all for a sweet and sour juxtaposition, but who would’ve ever thought the two kid’s snacks would combine their better halves to create an outstanding unique flavor.

Get it, “better halves“, because Oreo cookies have two halves?

Courtesy of @munchwithdes

You can currently nab the Oreo and Sour Patch Kids Cookie Duo online for less than five bucks a pack!

But if you’re planning on searching for them in the snack aisle at your local grocery store, you’ll have to wait until May 6 when they plan to hit store shelves nationwide.

Courtesy of Oreo

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