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You Can Get Lucky Charms Crocs And They’re Magically Adorable

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Lucky Charms are, without a doubt, one of the BEST cereals at the grocery store. Prove me wrong.

Now you can rep your favorite Lucky Charms cereal by wearing these new Lucky Charms Crocs.

Aren’t they deliciously adorable?!?

I’m one of those people who has 3 pairs of Crocs in my regular rotation of shoes, but I still need these Lucky Charms Crocs.


In partnership with Lucky Charms, we created a Classic Clog celebrating this fan favorite cereal complete with bright graphics [and] fixed embellishments.


They are so unique, colorful, and quite honestly, they make me a little hungry. LOL!

Just like standard Crocs, these Lucky Charms Crocs are super light, water friendly, and super easy to clean.


Each pair is also constructed with a Croslite™ foam footbed for maximum comfort. 


These Lucky Charms Crocs come with a Lucky the Leprechaun and Pot of God attached to the shoe.


But, of course, there is plenty of room to express your style with your favorite Jibbitz Charms.

They even have special Lucky Charms and Cereal Jibbitz that you can get to stick on your Lucky Charms Crocs.


You can get these Lucky Charms Crocs in men’s and women’s sizes — get them to match with your BAE!

The Lucky Charms Crocs will run you about 60 bucks, but for $80 you can choose to get the Lucky Charms X Crocs Pack that includes all the cool Lucky Charms Jibbitz.


To get your own Lucky Charms Crocs, just head on over to the Amazon website.


By the way, if you LOVE Lucky Charms as much as I do, you can get a big ol’ bag — 40 pounds! — of just the marshmallows! Delicious!


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