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You Can Get A Giant 40 Pound Bag Of Lucky Charm Marshmallows, Because Why Not?

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Shhhhh. Don’t tell my son this exists, or it’s all he’s going to ask for on every single gift giving occasion. He’s a bit obsessed with Lucky Charms.

You can get a freaking forty pound (40!!) bag of JUST marshmallows like you eat out of your favorite colorful marshmallow cereal, and I can feel the diabetes knocking on my front door right now.


Of course, that “favorite colorful marshmallow cereal” that I’m talking about is Lucky Charms — although these are definitely NOT Lucky Charms brand.

We’ve previously seen the Lucky Charms Marshmallows in little 6 ounce bags, and that was nifty.

Lucky Charms

We’ve also been lucky enough to catch that sugar high from the six pound bags of cereal marshmallows that you can get on Amazon — and that’s better.


BUT, now you can get a FORTY POUND BAG of those tasty colorful cereal marshmallows, and you’ll never need to buy Lucky Charms ever again — unless you just like the cereal part.

You can eat these marshmallows by the handful, add them to any cereal, or even put them in your coffee or hot chocolate for an extra bit of color and flavor.

If we had these sitting in my kitchen at home, you better believe I’d be putting them in EVERYTHING!

Marshmallow Pancakes? Sure!! Marshmallow Sandwiches? Uh-huh!! Rice Krispy Bars made with mini marshmallows? Why not!! Want a cake decorated with colorful marshmallows? Yes!

You could even create the perfect picture opp by filling a bathtub with the colorful marshmallows and diving in.

You can pick up your own ginormous forty pound bag of these Dehydrated Colorful Cereal Marshmallows on the Amazon website.

They are going to set you back about 215 bucks — but that’s only a little more than 5 dollars a pound.

You could totally go in with a few friends, and divy this giant bag of marshmallows between you.

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