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You Can Get A Junk Drawer Starter Kit For The Person Who Is Getting Their First Home

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You can get a junk drawer starter kit, and this is genius!


We all have that drawer in our house — usually in our kitchen — you know the one I’m talking about.

It has a little of this, and a little of that: trash can twisty ties, birthday cake candles, scissors, tape, batteries, little broken toys, takeout menus, matches, and anything else you can shove in there.

Yep, I’m talking about your junk drawer — no shame — we all have one.

It’s full of crap that you can’t get rid of, because you just KNOW you are going to need it someday.

Maybe you are moving into your first home, and don’t yet have a junk drawer to claim as your own.

No need to spend MONTHS gathering junk together to keep in that specially designated drawer.

Now you can get a junk drawer starter kit, and it has all your junk drawer essentials that you will need within reach at all times.

Love it!! My kid and her roommate are getting their first apartment. Sure, they could fill it with their own junk but this might be the “bug in the ear” to keep things organized! ?

Etsy Reviewer

It has things like a Stanley screwdriver, an LED flashlight, scissors, some rubber-bands, a pen, 2 sizes of batteries, a roll of tape, and some matches.


That’s one heck-of-a starter kit — a perfect jumping off point for any junk drawer worthy of its title.

This would make one cool house warming gift! You might think of it as a gag gift — but really, the new homeowner will need EVERY SINGLE THING that comes in this kit.

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! My friend is moving to her first apartment this was the perfect gift for her she loved it

Etsy Reviewer

If you want to get all fancy and clean with your junk drawer, all of the junk drawer innards do come in a handy little plastic case — it keeps everything together all neat like.


Shoot, I’d like to get one of these kits for my own house! I can always use an extra pair of scissors, an extra flashlight, and an extra box of matches.

Please note that products within the box may vary in color or style depending on product availability, but always of the same quality.


You can get your own Junk Drawer Starter Kit on the Etsy website, and it’s only 20 bucks!

With 50 sales, this starter kit gets 5 stars — you literally can’t get any better than that!

Super cute! I gave it as part of a housewarming gift, it was definitely a hit!

Etsy Reviewer

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