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Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Galaxy Roses

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About a few weeks back, I came across the existence of galaxy flowers and and they looked exactly like outer space!

Well I just recently came across a TikTok, who created her own galaxy flowers except with roses and they are absolutely gorgeous.


Of course galaxy roses do not exist, but I sure wish they did after seeing the finished product!

You can make your own galaxy roses at home with this simple DIY project!

To start, you’ll need to grab a bouquet of white roses and five different colors of spray paint.

I know what you’re thinking, how could you possibly spray a delicate bouquet of crisp white roses? I thought the same thing too until I saw the final result and trust me, it’s worth it!

Next, you’ll want to spray paint your roses black, purple, pink and blue in that order.

Courtesy of @trishaandcharlotte

To finish, splatter white paint with a small brush onto your roses to create the appearance of stars and you are done!

Courtesy of @trishaandcharlotte

It’s amazing how simple this DIY project is, and yet how realistic the outcome of these roses look! Shoutout to @trishaandcharlotte for the unique project and according to her caption, thank you to @tiktoknow12 for suggesting the idea too!

You can check out the full video below.


Tag the person you would give these homemade Galaxy Roses to 🌹 Thanks to fan @tiktoknow12 for suggesting 🥰

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