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This TikTok Video Shows What It Looks Like Inside Of A Newly Re-Opened T.J. Maxx Store

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As we all are aware that T.J. Maxx has just recently re-opened their online website for shoppers again, the store has also slowly started re-opening their retail locations.

Most of us are probably thinking, how will it look inside and what will it be like to shop again, for the majority of us that haven’t had this experience yet.


Well we can thank @annasudsy for taking the time to record a video for us! Here’s what a re-opened T.J. Maxx in Tennessee looks like.


To start, the TikToker’s video shows placement makers dictating where people should be standing to practice social distancing. But what’s next will perk your eyebrows for sure!

Courtesy of @annasudsy

There are SO many sales throughout the store and that’s not an exaggeration, including marked down suitcases, name brand purses and packed clearance racks of shoes and clothing!

Courtesy of @annasudsy

It’s pretty much a dream come true for shopaholics and from the video, it looks like wherever you turn there’s a red tag in sight!

You can check out the full video below


TJ MAXX WALKTHROUGH! It’s open in my state. Check out what you can expect when yours does too. ✨ #tjmaxx #homegoods#tjmaxxwithdrawals

♬ original sound – Anna Sudberry

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