The CDC Released New Guidelines For Reopening Bars, Restaurants, And General Workplaces

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Are you ready to get back to a normal life? Me too. But it’s probably going to be some time before there’s full on “normalcy” in our lives again.

But we are slowly getting there, step by step. Bars and Restaurants are starting to open again so many are SUPER excited and ready to go. But before you do, keep reading…

New guidelines from CDC have been posted, advising states on how to reopen bars, restaurants and workplaces.

The guidance outlines a series of steps that should be taken to keep employees and customers safe, including encouraging hand-washing, social distancing and how to check for symptoms of potential COVID-19 cases.

An earlier version of the guidance was held back by the Trump administration for being too prescriptive, especially for states that have had lesser outbreaks.

The White House task force issued broad guidelines for reopening the country on April 16, but specifics were left out on how to restart economic and social activities.

Regardless of COVID-19 cases still appearing, many states have fully reopened. Mixed responses are appearing over this.

Some would prefer to stay as safe as possible and take any and all precautions necessary to stay safe. Others just want to get back to their normal lives and take the risk.

But without the of guidance from the CDC, providing rules had largely been left to states and local groups, or not given at all.

Some businesses that have reopened have said they’ve seen few customers since most are reluctant to resume shopping, dining out and socializing while still worried about catching the virus.

Under the newly issued CDC guidelines, businesses would be encouraged to follow a very specific series of steps.

Bars and restaurants are not supposed to reopen until they can follow applicable state and local orders, and until they’re ready to protect people who are at higher risk for severe illness, the guidelines say.

Social Distancing should be encouraged at all times, including the adding of space between tables and stools. Encouraging drive-through, delivery and curb-side pick up are still the highest suggestions.

Limiting party sizes and occupancy has been suggested as well as avoiding any self-serve stations and employee shared spaces.

“The new CDC guidelines are valuable and may be a step in the right direction,”

Howard Forman, director of the Yale School of Public Health’s health-care management program.

“You don’t want 1,000 or more municipalities, states, governments of different sizes having to reinvent the wheel,” But “the CDC is way behind in leading on this,” he said. “And that’s a shame.”

Howard Forman, director of the Yale School of Public Health’s health-care management program.

If you do choose to go out during this time, please be sure to follow the regulations given in your state, town, or place that you are visiting. Anything we can do to stop the spread of the virus is helpful.

Please stay safe out there.

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