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The Cat’s Out of the Bag: The Nail Trend You Need to Try Right Meow!

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To be fair, I said the nail trend that YOU need to try, not me… I’ll give myself cat scratch fever or disembowel myself… or probably take my eyes out.

If you are a nail trends girl and you happen to love cats, this is for you! Cat nails are trending right now and they look a bit dangerous.

I mean talk about taking cougar to a whole new level!

Image credit: Nuch Beauty Nail Art

The cat nails look so realistic, just like when a cat extends their nails. These look like they have extended from the center point of the human fingernail.

Image credit: Nuch Beauty Nail Art

The skill level is pretty awesome, but it is too much of a liability for me! I am so clumsy and awkward that I would probably leave a trail of blood and gore wherever I went.g

I was reading the comments on the Facebook post that featured the cat nails for humans and they were quite entertaining!

Image credit: Nuch Beauty Nail Art

Some people love them, some thought they were hilarious, and others thought they were downright ridiculous.

What do you think of the cat nails trend?

Image credit: Nuch Beauty Nail Art

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