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You Won’t Believe This Stunning Heart-Shaped Rock Wall—See How They Made It!

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Are you one of those people who looks at the ground while walking so you can collect rocks?

I know it’s not just a me thing because two of my daughters do it as well. There are actually Facebook groups filled with people who do the same.

Lynette La Mere spent over 10 years collecting heart-shaped rocks and she put them to use as a decorative hanging heart rock wall.

She posted a photo in a Facebook group called Rockhounding and the post has been shared nearly 20,000 times from the group post. It’s been reposted with even thousands more in shares.

She posted:

My heart rock wall ❤️ with copper wire, no drilling.

Lynette La Mere – Facebook
Image credit: Lynette La Mere

After 10 years of collecting heart-shaped rocks, she used 20 gauge copper wire and a pair of needle nose pliers to make the hanging heart rock wall.

Image credit: Lynette La Mere

She shows how she twisted the wires around each rock and attached them together in a video she posted in the comments. You can watch the video here.

Image credit: Lynette La Mere

It looks like a simple task, but very time-consuming, especially when you factor in finding enough heart-shaped rocks for your hanging heart-shaped wall.

Would you have the patience to create this beautiful work of art?

Image credit: Lynette La Mere

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