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Starbucks Released Red Stanley Cups For The Holidays and People Are Losing Their Minds

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If you are a Starbucks and Stanley fan, prepare to lose your mind…

Starbucks has released RED Stanley Cups just in time for the holidays and just like with the last release, people are obsessed!

Cynthia Ramos

Now, if you remember the last time Starbucks released the Stanley tumblers you remember that not only did these go crazy viral, they sold out fast and a lot of people didn’t get a chance to get one.

Alex Sanchez

Just like with the last release, Starbucks employees are reporting that stores are supposed to receive only 3-4 per store.

Cynthia Ramos/Alayna Alaniz-Goldowski

These are rumored to be available at all Starbucks stores including Target Starbucks, Kroger Starbucks and standalone Starbucks stores but that hasn’t entirely been confirmed yet.

According to those finding these already, they are the 40 oz. Stanley Tumblers priced at $49.95.

Alayna Alaniz-Goldowski

When is Starbucks releasing the Red Stanley Cups?

The Red Starbucks Stanley cup is supposed to drop in the first chaper (first release) of Starbucks holiday cups beginning on November 2, 2023. However, people are already spotting these cups in store.

So, if red is your color or you’re wanting one for the holidays, keep your eyes out starting now because you may just get your hands on one!

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