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Britney Spears Is Going To Release A Sequel To Her Best Selling Memoir And I Can’t Wait

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There’s been so much news over the passing of Matthew Perry this week, we almost forgot that Britney Spears released her bombshell memoir last week.

Have you read it yet?


Britney drops some juicy gossip about the early days of her career — including the time she spent with Justin Timberlake and the 13 years she spent in her conservatorship.

Now, we are finding out — from Britney, herself — that a new installment of her memoir is coming, and we don’t have to wait very long.

Already #1 on Amazon, “The Woman In Me” just might be the best selling celebrity memoir of all time.

That’s if you believe Britney, anyway.

According to Instagram, Britney is planning on releasing her newest memoir — a follow-up to “The Woman In Me” — in 2024.

I mean, what else is there to tell?

Britney’s had a long career. There’s still plenty more to hear, apparently.

And, secretly, I can’t freaking wait!! I love celebrity gossip way too much — give me all the gossip!

You can get “The Woman In Me,” the Britney Spears memoir, HERE to read all about that alleged abortion she had while with JT, and get her take on that controversial conservatorship.

Keep writing, Britney! We can’t wait to get more juicy details of your unique and exciting life.

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