Fan’s Think Matthew Perry’s Batman-Themed Social Media Posts Were A Cry For Help

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Y’all. Matthew Perry’s death is hitting me hard.

We’ve had a rough little bit with celebrity deaths: Bob Barker, Suzanne Summers, Peewee Herman, and Michael Gambon.

But, Perry’s death hits just a little bit differently, and I’m so sad.

Now, people are examining Perry’s final social media posts, and wondering if they were a cry for help — a warning of what was to come.

We have all seen his final Instagram post by now — a nighttime shot that shows him soaking in the jacuzzi while wearing headphones.

But, that’s not the only social media post by Matthew Perry that has people freaked out and scratching their heads.

In fact, his last 7 posts, in particular, have people wondering what the heck was going on with our friend.

They all seem to be Batman references, and people are wondering if he was putting out the signal that he needed help.

In his second to last post, Perry posted a video of the moon behind quickly moving clouds.

He captioned the video, “Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you? – I’m Mattman.”

His next Instagram post is of a pumpkin carved with the bat signal.

Again, the caption is a bit odd: “Do you know what I mean?”

Then, there is an odd video of someone setting three cranberries (or purple grapes?) onto a table with the caption, “This is what I’ve had to eat today. I’m Mattman.”

I mean, WTF?

Next, there is a picture of, what appears to be, a sign that can be changed to say different things.

In this case, the sign is of the bat signal with the words, “Batman Plays Pickleball.”

Then, there is an outdoor nighttime photo that looks like a red LED bat signal on the side of a wall.

He captioned the photo, “Sleep well everybody, I’ve got the city tonight -Mattman.”

Finally, Matthew posted a video of a media room (or a bedroom?) showing The Batman logo on 3 different televisions.

The video is oddly captioned, “No need to worry everybody, I’ve got the streets tonight.”

People are wondering what the heck the deal is with all the Batman references.

Do you think they were, indeed, a cry for help? Did they point to his early demise?

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