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This ‘Naked And Afraid’ Contestant Had To Have Stitches In His Nether Region And Then Went On With The Game

This story is just nuts!!

(See what I did there?!?)

E.J. Snyder — also known as Skullcrusher — had an unfortunate accident on the set of Naked and Afraid, and all the guys in the room are about to cringe.

It’s all fun and games until you tear your nether region, needing stitches!!

While filming the game, E.J. found out why the Naked part of the show is so dangerous.

He fell off a tree branch, and landed right in a swamp — and tore up his junk in the process.


It turns out, E.J. suffered multiple lacerations to his scrotum, and was given the option by the show’s medical staff of tapping out of the competition and getting stitched up at a sterile hospital, or staying in the game and having the stitches done right then and there.

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E.J. opted to get the eight stitches right there, and keep right on completing the challenge.

Now, think about this, the stitches weren’t done in a clean, sterilized hospital — they were done in the middle of the dirty wilderness.

There are bugs, dirt, germs — you’ve been in a wilderness, you can imagine how gross it can be.

The show is filmed in the “Atchafalaya Basin, which is located in south central Louisiana and is the largest wetland and swamp in the country.”

I mean, besides ripped balls, E.J. also has to be careful of “alligators, bobcats, black bears, Florida panthers,” and even more

If there are any complications from the tear and stitches, E.J. runs the risk of losing his genitalia or — if things get REALLY infected — even death.

Unfortunately, he was ordered to stay out of the water and to take it easy for seven to 10 days so he didn’t disrupt the stitches, a tall task for someone trying to hunt and survive in a swampy area.

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On Sunday’s episode, he gave a nod to the accident when Max and Gary found their way to his campsite.

I also almost chopped my balls off yesterday!

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Max and Gary, although they are technically “fighting” against E.J. in the game, stepped up to the plate in a big way, helping him with heavy tasks that E.J. needs to survive the wilderness.

Never fear, the medical staffers at Naked and Afraid have been keeping tabs on the injury, making sure it is free of infection.

I wouldn’t be surprised if E.J. wins this whole thing on sheer willpower!! The dude is obviously strong.

The guy’s out here and he’s busted his balls wide open and he stayed out here. I mean, this is the type of man he is, this is the type of survivalist he is. And I am honored and privileged to be out here with E.J.

Gary, contestant on Naked and Afraid