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This New Feature Allows You To See Your Ancestors Smile, Blink, And Move! It’s Both Cool And Creepy

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Have you ever wondered how your ancestors actually looked? I mean, yea… we have images of them frozen in time.

MyHeritage Blog

Have you wondered what they looked like smiling and blinking and seemingly alive?

MyHeritage has introduced a groundbreaking new photo feature called Deep Nostalgia. The tool allows you to animate the faces of your ancestors and it is so realistic!

Ian McKellen – Twitter

It all starts with a regular photo that you add. The photo tool turns this into a realistic depiction of how they may have moved and looked in a video.

Susanne Wosnitzka – Twitter

The images literally come to life with head movements. Like eye blinking, smiling, and other expressions.

I have been obsessed looking at the ones people have uploaded on Twitter and TikTok.

Dr. Donald G. Billings  – Twitter

You can use the photo tool on black and white photos, as well as color photos. It uses a technology called deep learning and basically creates a deep fake.

Indiana Archives – Twitter

They have several sequences of movement and gestures that can be applied to the photos.

I am absolutely amazed by this technology and actually, a bit freaked out by it too. But I already told you how I feel about ‘Deep Fakes‘.

Katiera Winfrey – Twitter

The videos are short high-quality and your mind will be blown. If you already have photos added to MyHeritage you can get started now.

Watch it in action in the short video below! Amazing! You can upload and animate them at myheritage.com/deep-nostalgia.  

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