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You Can Get A Cat Butt Cookie Cutter, Because Why Not?

Cat lover?

I’m not, but that doesn’t prevent me from wanting one of these Kitty Butt cookie cutters!

Bakerlogy on Etsy

It’s hilarious and would be the funniest thing to bring to an event to share with everyone because you know it will make people laugh and smile.

Bakerlogy on Etsy

I love this so much. I made gingerbread cat butts for Christmas and they were hilarious.

Dannielle Browne – Etsy Customer Review
Bakerlogy on Etsy

The Kitty Butt cookie cutter measures 2.1 inches by 3.7 inches, so they’re a great size.

macee Harrison – Etsy Customer Review

The cutest cookie cutter for cat lovers!! These cookies will be the hit of the party! Quick shipping and quality product. Thanks again!!

Lila – Etsy Customer Review
Bakerlogy on Etsy

It’s best to hand-wash them in warm soapy water, but the listing says that they are dishwasher is compatible.

Laura Palermo – Etsy Customer Review

I absolutely love this kitty butt cookie cutter! What’s more, I had to contact the shop about something and was super happy with their customer service. Highly recommend and will definitely shop with them again.

Dianne Stauber – Etsy Customer Review
lowrisimner – Etsy Customer Review

The Kitty Butt cookie cutter can be used with cookie dough, fondant, craft clay, biscuit dough, and more!

Sonja Ruokonen – Etsy Customer Review

One reviewer even commented that she used it to make salt-dough ornaments!

Felix Felicis – Etsy Customer Review

Excellent quality and fast shipping! Salt dough ornaments for my vet med coworkers were a hit!

Felix Felicis – Etsy Customer Review

You can buy your own Kitty Butt cookie cutter from Bakerlogy on Etsy, it’s definitely on my to-buy list now!

Bakerlogy on Etsy

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