Movies Are Disappearing From Disney+ And I’m Devastated

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Oh, Disney+, I love you so much, but then you go and take away my movies. I just don’t know how to feel about that.

When Disney+ started in November, they had almost EVERY movie I searched. I was giddy, and watched little else for weeks.

Now, however, things are disappearing from the lineup, and I’m a little devastated.

Of course, they have all their Vault items — like Cinderella, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and Peter Pan. They have promised those films will remain on Disney+ indefinitely.

They have not promised, however, that films like The Sandlot and The Home Alone series will stay — and stay they have NOT.

Without warning, films are disappearing, and it isn’t fair. I mean, I guess they can do whatever they want, but it makes me so sad.

I came to Disney+ to get all the big hits I know and love.

Granted, there are still a ton of films on the streaming platform — with more to come — but they have taken away some pretty important films*.

There was no warning. Some films that were there are simply missing now.

Dr. Doolittle, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, The Home Alone Series (except Home Alone 3), and The Sandlot are noticeably gone.

I want to root for you, Disney+, and proclaim your awesomeness to the world. BUT, if you keep taking away films, I’m going to have a problem.

This news is ESPECIALLY not good, as many users just left the platform after the conclusion of The Mandalorian. Now, how am I supposed to justify telling them to come back?

Courtesy of Disney+

There is one ray of sunshine in this, otherwise bleak finding. Disney has said that you can download any film to one of your devices. As long as you keep your subscription, it will remain.

So, I guess, get to downloading your favorites!

Also, side note: Let’s hope they end up being like Netflix who brings back titles from time to time or releasing Secret Codes to unlock everything.

*In my world.

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