People Are Cancelling Disney+ Now That The Mandalorian Is Over

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People are cancelling their Disney+ memberships, and I’m taking it personally.

Now that the HIT show The Mandalorian is over — until the fall of 2020 — some people think it’s a good time to leave the streaming service.

Yes, The Mandalorian was the first live-action Star Wars TV show. Yes, there was a Baby Yoda. Yes, the Mandalorian was a total badass. And, did I mention Baby Yoda?

But, these people DO realize there are like eleven-hundred-million* more shows and movies to watch on Disney+, right? The Mandalorian was only ONE series (EIGHT episodes) out of MANY things to watch.

Even if you *gasp* aren’t a fan of Disney and Pixar, there are tons of Marvel and National Geographic shows. There are even movies I didn’t realize were Disney affiliated — like 10 Things I Hate About You and Dan In Real Life.

They have SO many documentaries. I’m talking, like, completely AMAZING documentaries. I didn’t even realize I LIKED documentaries until Disney+.

Have you SEEN Free Solo? OMG! You have to stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW, and watch it! It will have you on the EDGE of your seat, and holding your breath. It’s so freaking good!

But, alas, some individuals keep hopping on the asinine bandwagon to quit Disney+, because they think it’s the ‘cool’ thing to tweet about.

It’s so totally their loss! I could spend DAYS just watching movies that are like reliving my childhood all over again. Then, I could spend even more days checking out films I’ve never before seen!

Not only do they have a plethora of films and shows already streaming on the service, there are even MORE films coming to Disney+ soon! I don’t foresee running into a lack of things to watch for quite some time.

They even have THIRTY SEASONS of The Simpsons. That’s OVER 600 episodes! As Homer would say, that’s almost as good as 500 episodes.

Well, you do you, weirdos. I’m going to be sitting right over here enjoying DAYS worth of programming that you’re missing out on.

I feel @HeyItsShelby6 when she says, “I just watched someone cancel their Disney+ subscription and I felt extra offended.” It’s like a personal assault. Ha! But, we can’t think that way. We still get to enjoy Disney+ for ourselves. We are the true fans.

@doubleamr9 so totally gets what I’m saying. “Seriously? A plethora of Disney content at their disposal and they cancel their subscriptions because of one TV show? That’s stupid.”

Indeed, @doubleamr9, indeed.

*There probably aren’t quite THAT many shows, but there are a TON!

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