Breyers Cinnabon Ice Cream Is Here Complete with Cinnamon Swirl and Dough Pieces

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Every single time I take a trip to the mall, I have to make a bee-line to the closest Cinnabon store! It’s definitely the highlight of every shopping trip.

I simply can’t resist that ooey-gooey, cream cheese frosted, utterly delicious Cinnabon cinnamon roll. But, let’s be honest — How many times do I actually make it to a mall? Not very many.

Via Meijer

Breyers Ice Cream has made it a little bit easier to get that Cinnabon flavor, and satisfy that sweet-tooth craving I have for the Cinnabon cinnamon roll!

They have come out with a Cinnamon Roll Flavored ice cream that is a Vanilla base, with a sweet Cinnamon Swirl, and totally tasty Dough Pieces mixed right in! It’s inspired by the Cinnabon cinnamon roll that I love so much.

Oh, Bryers, you really get me!

We teamed up with Cinnabon, one of our favorite treats, to create our bakery-inspired dessert—Breyers Cinnamon Cinnabon Frozen Dairy Dessert. Bring home the magic of Cinnabon and Breyers for swirls of gooey cinnamon and delicious dough bites in a sweet vanilla base. It’s a twist on your classic Cinnabon cinnamon roll that will take your senses on a tasty trip.


This is one heavenly ice cream flavor! I would even go as far as to make my cinnamon roll a la mode, with this yummy ice cream right on top.

This ice cream has been spotted right on the shelves at Meijer stores, but will hopefully be rolling out to other stores REALLY SOON!

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