Breyers Released A New Peppermint Hot Chocolate Flavor

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Holy Holiday flavors! I am crazy-happy about this one!

Breyers Ice Cream has a new Frozen Peppermint Hot Chocolate flavor, and my taste buds have never been so excited.

Have you ever stuck a cool peppermint candy cane into a cup of steaming hot chocolate, and let it melt?

It might just be one of my favorite holiday traditions, and that is exactly what this ice cream reminds me of!

The geniuses at Breyers have taken delicious dark chocolate and woven it throughout the ice cream. Then they added pieces of chocolate chips to make it even more delectable!

Add the peppermint flavor on top of this rich chocolate, and this ice cream is out-of-this-world good!

The response to this ice cream has been incredible.

In reply to @snackstalker’s post about the ice cream on Instagram, @candyhunting exclaimed, “Breyer’s FINALLY released a new flavor!” To which @breyers replied, “We’re back to spread cheer once more!”

This super-yummy ice cream has been spotted at Walmart for $3.98, but check your local supermarkets to see if you can find it there.

This Breyers ice cream is here in limited-edition cartons, which means it will not be with us long. I suggest you grab a carton or three next time you are at the store.

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