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This Map Shows The Most Popular Hot Sauces In Each State And I Love Them All

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I love it when people post the most popular things in every state.

Whether it’s Easter Candy, or Christmas Movies, or even Valentine’s Day Treats it’s fun to see what others across the country are loving.

This time we are talking about something I can REALLY get behind — the most popular HOT SAUCE in every state — and I was a bit shocked by the results.

I enjoy hot sauce on just about EVERYTHING — Hot sauce is basically life.

I have a few favorites — Frank’s RedHot, Sriracha, The Classic Hot Sauce from Hot Ones, Blackberry Chipotle Sauce, and of course Cholula.

Whenever I visit a new state, I have to check out the hot sauces that are unique to that state — I’m looking at YOU Tears of Joy by The Hot Sauce Shop.

My favorite show is even Hot Ones (check it out on Hulu), where celebrities discuss different topics over increasingly hot Hot Wings.

So I really know a thing or two about that spicy nectar from the gods.

That is one reason I was so surprised by the results when I found out the most popular hot sauces in all of the United States.

There isn’t much variety at all!

Only 6 different hot sauces made the cut, which I find ridiculously incredible.

California, Oregon, and Texas were the only states that each chose a brand that none of the other states chose — and I’m dumbfounded right now.

Californian’s seem to prefer Frank’s Red Hot, while Oregonians like a brand called El Chilerito Chamoy.

Texans prefer the brand El Yucateco — which can pack a mighty punch.

Arkansas, Indiana, and New Mexico pour on The Rapture (which I’ve never even heard of) when they want some heat with their meal.

The Southern states — Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia — all love Crystal hot sauce — have you had it?

Every Other State In The Nation chose — drum roll please — Cholula hot sauce.

I can see why — it’s one of my favorites.

But, EVERY single other state? I’d think there would be some different choices in there, just to “spice” it up a little bit. LOL!

Do you agree? Did your state choose your favorite hot sauce?

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