This Map Shows The Most Popular Easter Treats Across The U.S.

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We secretly know that Easter is yet another holiday that allows all of us to binge in as much candy as we want, but did you know that candy isn’t the only popular Easter treat eaten in the U.S.?

According to Zippia, chocolate carrots and milk chocolate Easter bunnies are only scratching the surface.

In fact, boiled eggs come in at number one and is the most popular Easter treat to eat according to 14 states.

Courtesy of Zippia

By no surprise, Peeps are voted the second most favored treat to have on Easter while Cadbury Creme Eggs are one of the most popular egg shaped sweet treats to munch on during the holiday.

However, Cadbury Creme Eggs are the only egg shaped candy that is popular amongst all 50 states, Caramel Eggs and Kinder Easter eggs also made the map.

For those of you who enjoy the classic chocolate bunny, don’t worry, a handful of states also agree with you.

Whether you prefer chocolate eggs, boiled eggs or even chocolate coins, anything goes when it comes to Easter which means all candy is totally acceptable; so make sure to treat yourself ladies and gentlemen!


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