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Target Is Selling A Solar Powered Shower Head That Is Perfect To Take Camping

Whether you’re at the beach, camping under the stars or simply swimming in your backyard pool, taking a shower after a full day at the beach or after a night of swimming is one of the best feelings.

If you don’t have an outdoor shower, but you do have an irresistible swimming pool, or for the days you don’t want to feel like there’s sand in you know where after a day in the sun.

Luckily, there is such a thing as a portable solar power shower!

Courtesy of @vansofportugal

Currently selling at Target, you can get a solar powered outdoor shower for all of your summer needs.

Courtesy of Target

Starting with the fact that this shower head runs only on sunlight, you’ll never have to worry about walking home from the beach with sand in your pants or running on mom’s clean floors to get to the shower after swimming outside all day.

Courtesy of Target

This solar power shower head can be taken wherever the fun might be including camping trips, the beach, or even during emergency situations when hot water isn’t available in your own home!

Courtesy of Target

The 5 gallon water supply allows multiple people to shower with warm water and heats up in just 3 hours under direct sunlight.

Courtesy of Target

You can currently get the solar power shower head for $9.99 at Target!

Courtesy of @shareadventureandgear

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