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Season 3 of ‘You’ Is No Longer Coming To Netflix In April 2021

I hate to tell you this, but I have some rather bad news to share…

As we all know, the pandemic has put a halt to production for many shows and movies causing major delays.

It’s pretty much why we are all rewatching Friends from beginning to end for the 20th time again.

Well, we have to add another delay to that list… Season 3 of You on Netflix.

Yes, we got you all excited when last year the Season 3 of You finally had a release date set for April 2021.


However, Netflix has already released their upcoming movie and TV releases for April and You is nowhere to be found on that list.

While we do know that the production of the 3rd season finally resumed, because of the delay and time off due to the pandemic, it has been delayed.


So, when can we expect the new season of You?

Well, Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement but it’s looking like it would be closer to Fall 2021 for the release date rather than Spring.

While that news is a bit sucky, we all want this season to be awesome, right?

I mean, You season 2 didn’t really end things with answers. If anything, we have more questions than ever! So, we have to wait for the good things to come!

Maybe now is a great time to re-binge the first and second season?!

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