Move Over Thin Mints, Girl Scouts Is Releasing A New French Toast Cookie and I Think It’ll Be My New Favorite

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We all know how real the obsession is for Girl Scout cookies and how severely delicious they are.

My personal favorite, are the Caramel deLites.

I remember in college, when the Girl Scouts would come back to campus to sell their cookies, the news would spread like wildfire and the line would be so long no matter what time of the day it was.

Girl Scouts is introducing a new flavor next year and considering their original flavors are already mouth watering, I have no doubt that this new cookie will be just as good and probably even better.

Courtesy of the Girl Scouts

Joining in January of next year, their new French Toast cookie “Toast-Yay!”, will become apart of the Girl Scout cookie pack and the title alone makes me think that this flavor might just be their new fan favorite.

“The name is designed to be a play on words for ‘toasty,’ which evokes the warmth and joy we believe people will associate with this great new French Toast-inspired flavor,” a representative for Girl Scouts told PEOPLE.

Courtesy of the Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts hit the nail right on the head when picking the name of their new cookie flavor and now I’m craving French Toast for lunch.

Of course their OG flavors will also be in stock, including their Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Patties, and more.

“Amid challenging world events and a global pandemic this year, Girl Scouts created moments of joy by donating cookies to thank frontline workers and using the cookie earnings to support their communities,” Girl Scouts of the USA said in a press release. “When Girl Scout Cookie season returns, Toast-Yay! will give consumers a new way to celebrate these moments alongside other favorites.”

Girl Scouts of the USA

Can we just take a moment to point out how creatively shaped these new cookies are. Since the flavor is French Toast, the cookies are in the shape of the popular breakfast food and I already love it.

The best part about these cookies, is that it will save me the time from cooking breakfast and I can still get that French Toast taste!


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