These Handmade Succulent Earrings Are Perfect For The Person Who Loves Plants

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I’m always on the look out for a good pair of silver hoop earrings, sterling silver of course. 

Courtesy of @polymercraze

My mom bought me a pair of these gorgeous Italian hoops back in December and I absolutely love them. Ever since she gave me those, I’ve been on the hunt for a second!

Coincidentally, I found these hoop earrings off of Etsy and the best part, is that there are tiny succulents attached to the hoops!

Courtesy of @polymercraze

I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but I’m glad someone out there thought to do so. Let’s give a shoutout to @polymercraze, who is selling her hoop earring off of Etsy.

Courtesy of @polymercraze

These earrings are not sterling silver, however they are handmade, which is just as good! Made out of polymer clay, you can purchase the succulent hoop earrings which feature a variety of different succulents. 

These earrings can be personalized. Therefore, if you desire more color or if you have a favorite succulent in mind that you want to add or replace, this account encourages it! 

Courtesy of @polymercraze

You can currently purchase these one of a kind earrings for 17 dollars a set. I can’t wait to match these earrings with my cactus t-shirt.

I sincerely couldn’t be more excited! 

Courtesy of @polymercraze

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  1. Thank you Natalie!!!? I’m so glad these earrings are lovingly cherished and so kind of you to write about my store❤ Thank you again!