These Knitted Plant Pot Covers Give Your Plants A Boho Look and I Need Them

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Let’s be real for a moment, the basic orange pot look for your plants are boring!

Don’t get me wrong, they do the job and not everything is based on looks, but when it comes to your potted plants, appearance matters.

Courtesy of HelloWildflowerCo

Your plants are living and they have personalities too, so the least you can do is give their roots a pretty place to grow.

Courtesy of HelloWildflowerCo

Many of my potted plants are colorful and bright, I even have one that is shaped like an elephant. I’ve been a plant collector for many years, although I have yet to come across this type of planting pot.

HelloWildflowerCo is selling homemade knitted pots for your plants to grow to their fullest and I have to say, I love the appeal.

Courtesy of @HelloWildflowerCo

Who knew you could knit your own plant pots? Thanks to HelloWildflowerCo, she made that idea possible with her stretchy jersey cotton yarn.

Each knitted pot costs about 10 dollars each and frankly, I’m thinking of replacing all of my pots to create a more sophisticated look for my plants.

Courtesy of HelloWildflowerCo

Theses knitted pots will fit right into the white and clean aesthetic appeal I’m shooting for in my bedroom, a much more professional look I would say.

Courtesy of @HelloWildflowerCo

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