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Britney Spears Has Asked A Judge To Remove Her Dad From Her Conservatorship. Here’s What We Know.

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Wow! I have been waiting for this! Not that long ago there was a petition out to help free Britney Spears from her conservatorship. Fans have been genuinely worried about her and now it looks like she has finally spoken up and wants her life back!

According to TMZ, Britney wants her dad, Jamie Spears, off of the conservatorship!

He has been the sole conservator over her entire estate since 2019 when the co-conservator resigned. But, he has been the conservator of her entire estate and finances since 2008!

She now wants Jodi Montgomery, who has been the temporary conservator for about a year, to take over the position permanently.


Britney has a court-appointed attorney that filed new court documents that line out Britney’s wishes.

According to TMZ, it is unclear in the documents if she will allow her father to stay on as a co-conservator.

Apparently the filed documents also state that Britney does not want to perform anymore at this time. I can’t blame her, the poor girl looks like she is barely functioning right now.


There is supposed to be a hearing on Wednesday. I hope she gets her freedom and life back! I mean, she is 38 years old and isn’t in charge of her life at all. It’s pretty sad.


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