The New Frozen 2 Trailer JUST DROPPED And It’s SO GOOD!

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If we know anything it’s that Frozen 2 is going to be the movie of a lifetime.

And the full length trailer that just came out tells us it’s going to be INSANELY GOOD.

All our old favorites from the original movie are back, and ready to give us all the chills.

You’ve got to watch it, and then KEEP READING because we have THINGS to discuss.


(Chills… get it?)

But it’s so much more than that.

You see, Elsa is no longer keeping her power a secret.

Elsa isn’t trying to hide who she is anymore.

And Anna, ever the protector of her big sister is trying to make sure that Elsa is safe. No matter what.

These two sisters are Disney Princess perfection.

Together with Kristoff, Sven and Olaf, we can’t wait to watch them save the day, or whatever it is they are up to!

I am so excited about this. SO EXCITED.

We still don’t know what is happening in that forest, but we do know that it’s INTENSE.


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