Make Your Dog Into A Mermaid With This Sparkly Life Jacket

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My dogs love to swim, but they aren’t so great at it. I love mermaids, but I don’t have one as a pet.

And that makes this sparkly mermaid life jacket for dogs the best thing I have ever seen in the history of ever.

The greatest part about this sparkly mermaid life jacket is that you can get it on Amazon prime, so it will be here before your pool party this weekend!


Don’t worry about your dog’s size, either because it comes in small, medium and large. That should cover a myriad of puppers.

The shiny tail and scales is a win/win too, because even when your doggo isn’t in the water, they still have a super reflective vest to keep them safe.

Which basically means that you are one drunken amazon purchase away from putting on a full fledged production of The Little Mermaid.

In your pool.

With dogs.

Which is everything anyone has ever wanted.

Photo Credits: Amazon

Just watch out for sharks.

And dogs.

And dog sharks.

You can get the mermaid life jacket for dogs here.

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