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Sam’s Club Is Selling Nutter Butter Popcorn and I’m On My Way

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I absolutely love sweet flavors mixed with popcorn, growing up Cracker Jack’s was one of my favorite snacks.

These days there are so many different varieties of popcorn flavors available and the selection keeps on growing too!

Snack Pop has this down to an art and has created some of the best popcorn flavor varieties that have ever existed.

From Candy Pop to Cookie Pop, there are so many choices and now there are even more!

Some of the Candy Pop choices have been M&M’s Minis, Snickers, Twix, and Peanut M&M’s.

Then when it comes to Cookie Pop they’ve offered Chips Ahoy and Oreo flavors…

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But now you can get Nutter Butter and I am so flipping excited!

Made with real Nutter Butter cookie pieces

Package description

The combination is salty popcorn, mixed with peanut butter, and cookies!

The sucky part is, you can’t just go buy yourself a bag of Snack Pop Nutter Butter popcorn, nope… it couldn’t be that simple.

Sam’s Club

The new Nutter Butter popcorn is available exclusively from Sam’s Club in a variety box.

It’s a slightly indulgent popcorn that offers a balanced sweet and savory product for the whole family to enjoy. There are only 150 calories per serving and only 25 mg of sodium per one-ounce serving. It is great to bring with you for school and to any on-the-go activities.

Product description
Sam’s Club

The Cookie Pop Variety Pack comes with 1-ounce bags of Cookie Pop popcorn.

  • 6 Oreo
  • 6 Nutter Butter
  • 6 Chips Ahoy!

That’s 18 bags that are the perfect size to grab for snacking to adding to lunches so make sure to grab your Cookie Pop Variety Pack as soon as possible!

Sam’s Club

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