10 Reasons You Should See an Infertility Specialist

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There’s nothing more frustrating and simply daunting than the idea that you might not be able to conceive as easily as your mom or friends or cousins, or whomever…You feel left out and kind of like a giant failure. I know, I’ve totally been there, got the tattoo and moved on with my life. But I know there are other women out there that are wondering. So, here’s 10 Reasons You Should See an Infertility Specialist.

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Now, by “infertility specialist,” I don’t mean an OB/GYN with “fertility specialist” plopped behind their name or on their sign. No, I made that mistake and paid a huge price for it. I’m talking a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Who can really help…or tell you the truth about your odds of being able to become pregnant–because they deal with infertility everyday, and only infertility. So, maybe this should be 10 reasons you should seen a Reproductive Endocrinologist…

Problem of infertility and in vitro process
  • You’ve missed your period for more than 1 month and still there’s no “preggers” on that stupid pee stick.
  • You’ve been off all birth control methods for more than a year and still there’s no “preggers” on that stupid pee stick.
  • Your pee stick has come up “preggers” but then your period started–and this happened more than 1 time.
  • You have a known problem like a folded-over-the-top uterus, PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome), or other reproductive issue.
  • You came off the pill and your periods got all sorts of weird…irregular, light, heavy, or really frequent…just weird. And didn’t correct themselves in 3 months.
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  • Your regular OB/GYN is either out of ideas or wants to start putting you on meds to try to make you ovulate…you really need a specialist if you’re monkeying-around with all that…
  • You’ve miscarried more than one time. This is a tough one, because lots of OB/GYN’s will say it’s normal or whatever…but it’s not. I was told that 3 miscarriages and then my doctor would recommend seeing a specialist…that just seems kinda cruel to me.
  • You have an STD of any kind.
  • You’re over 35 (’cause your little repro-system might just be gathering dust-bunnies–and I’m right there with ya).
  • Your partner (or sperm-donation machine–whatever you call the dude portion of the equation) is known to have some problem like low sperm count.

This list should be a “select one” kind of thing. But, if you’re like me, you’ll hit two or three before you think this list is real…Whatever the case is, I wish you all the luck.

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  1. Thanks Chantal for sharing your insights. Female fertility normally peaks at the age of 24 and diminishes after 30. Women over 35 have 20-35% chance of miscarriage. This is often caused by the increased incidence of chromosomal abnormalities.