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This Teen’s Mom Thought She Was On Drugs, But The Truth Is Hilarious!

Dallas-area teenager Ashley Banks knows how to have a good time. Unfortunately, as we all know, a good time can get teens into a lot of hot water. That’s why when her mom found a baggie full of capsules in her room, she texted Ashley and demanded she come home immediately to talk. What mom didn’t realize, though, is that Ashley’s idea of a good time involves a bowl of water and the time-capsule grow toys we all played with when were were little. Lucky for us, Ashley posted the entire exchange between her and her mom on Twitter, and it’s been shared almost forty-thousand times…take a look at their exchange below!

Here’s a breakdown of their text-exchange:

It all started with Ashley asking her mom to put a calculator in the mail box for her friend…

ashley and mom texts 2

Luckily for mom and Ashley they Weren’t drugs…

ashley and mom texts 3

No one could ever accuse Ashley of not knowing how to have a good time!

ashley and mom text 4