How to Plan A Night Out with Friends

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As we grow older the amount of friends we have and who we remain friends with changes. My husband and I have a great group of friends we have grown close with over the years and every now and again we get together to share some food and fun. If you are needing a night out with your friends, here are some ways on How to Plan a Night Out with Friends.

How to Plan A Night Out with Friends

How to Plan A Night Out with Friends

I’ll be the first to admit that finding a night where everyone can get together can be like pulling your tooth out. It hurts and it’s a long process but in the end, you are happy you did it. I am sort of the designated one who plans all of our gatherings. Honestly, if it weren’t for me, we probably would NEVER get together.

Over the years I’ve also found a few awesome tactics to get everyone on board without having to call each and every person individually, finding a day that works for them, and then calling more people. It’s too much back and forth for that nonsense. So want to know my super-secret, or secrets I should say? Well here are a few tips on getting everyone for a night out of fun:

  • Set up a Facebook event – Yes, events on Facebook are glorious. Easier than calling and everyone can be in one place all at the same time. I typically create an event, choose a date, and ask if everyone can make it. I then post updates regarding the plan and BAM just like that it’s a plan.
  • Send out group texts – This one can get annoying fairly quickly especially if someone is trying to sleep (yep, had that happen before). However, sometimes sending out a mass group text is a great way to get that quick response about planning a gathering.
  • Choose a place everyone loves – Um, can anyone really turn down a good burger or steak? My guess is NO. So choose a place that is delicious or offers something for everyone. It’s even better if that place is a central location for all. How to Plan A Night Out with Friends Featured
  • Make it clear all is welcome – Most of my friends (including myself) have kids and sometimes that can be the deciding factor on whether or not they can make it. Tell them to forget the baby sitter and just bring their kiddos along. Sure it isn’t always ideal but it’s better than not meeting up at all.
  • Get a little bossy – If all else fails, you might just have to get stern with everyone. Set a date, time, and place, and just tell everyone to be there. I have had times where a few people can make one day and a few can make another. Of course, I want all my friends there so sometimes I make an executive decision and just tell them to make it happen. Most of the time it totally works. Anyone else have that song “I’m Bossy” stuck in their head now?

Good Food Wins Everyone Over

Now you know exactly how to plan a night out so now you are probably wondering where to head for a night out of fun and some good conversations? Well, recently I went out with a big group of friends (I believe there was 17 of us total) and we headed to Fridays (TGI Friday’s) and enjoyed some delicious food. In fact, it was perfect because we went during their Dine and Drink for $12 promotion. Can it get any better than that?

With this promotion you get 1 entree and 1 drink from a select menu for $12!

TGI Friday's5

Our group all ordered different items but everything looked, smelled, and tasted so good! The bacon-crusted half-rack ribs are AMAZING and I highly recommend them.TGI Friday's food

The entire experience was so fun and delicious. So next time you are thinking of somewhere to head with your group of friends, check out Fridays.

TGI Friday's1

You can check out their Dine and Drink $12 promotion here and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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  1. It takes about a week of messages flying around Facebook or Whatsapp to find a date that everyone can do, due to conflicting schedules of other halves/baby sitters. The first date you can all do is in a month’s time.

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