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Vaginal vs. C-Section {what each was like for me}

I don’t have many scary things that happen in my life–I’m like the most vanilla person ever. Excitement for me is just fun stuff, never frightening. Until I was on the verge of bringing a baby into the world. My entire pregnancy experience (both times) was a horrible roller coaster. But the worst, the climax of my horror story? The actual birth. Because, you know, I don’t know nothin’ about birthing no babies. And I totally ended-up having two very different experiences. Here’s what each was like for me in the ultimate birthin’ battle: Vaginal vs. C-Section.

vaginal birth or c-section

Vaginal vs. C-Section {what each was like for me}

Here’s how the options sounded in my mind: Pushing out a watermelon vs. Being cut open to have a watermelon removed. Neither sounds particularly fun, even now.

However, I would like to point out that I was laughing (yes, LAUGHING) throughout each experience. I’m a nut that way. That didn’t lessen my pain or trauma, though.

Vaginal Birth {Pushing out a watermelon}

I was induced and had a ballon up my hooha to open my cervix. That part took all night and it sucked–that was honestly the most painful part of the process. Then, on top of that, I was having blood pressure issues, which is why I was being induced. So, with the blood pressure problems, I wasn’t allowed to walk around or be in the shower or anything to naturally relieve the pain of contractions.

Therefore, I opted for an epidural, so that I didn’t have to lay in agony–that would have been the opposite of awesome. I thought my epidural had worn-off at one point and I started to really hurt in an achey, uncomfortable way. Turns-out that’s when the baby’s head was coming out.


Just 21 minutes later, with lots of laughter and pushing hard, I had my squalling baby girl in arms. It hurt, but I was up and walking within just 6 hours. I was walking down to the NICU to see my daughter by myself within 12 hours. I felt like I was 100% within two weeks. Good experience. I’d do it again.

C-Section {Being cut open to have a watermelon removed}

I was not ready to have my second baby.

Total denial was the name of my game that week. Blood pressure issues got me again, though, and the doctor was pretty insistent that I go ahead and have that baby right then. Since baby was sitting sideways (GAH!) there was no option–I was having a c-section whether I wanted to or not. It became very real when the anesthesiologist came to talk to me about her role. I freaked, cried a little, and then put my big-girl panties on along with a smile.

They rolled me into that room and I laughed. Then I had a panic attack. Yup. I wigged-out and begged the anesthesiologist not to let me die. She gave me something that made me feel better, but I still thought I was dying. It was horrible. But mostly because of the panic. The actual surgery was fine, didn’t hurt and, in the end, my little watermelon was awesome. It took me two days to be up and walking without agony–even with meds.

My legs shook and the pain wasn’t manageable at all for a week. But I persevered because that’s what best. It took nearly a month before I felt like my old self.

So, What’s Better? A Vaginal Birth or a C-Section?

Well, I think it is important to point out that BOTH ways were winners, because I have happy, healthy babies.

But, if I wasn’t being quite as diplomatic as that, I would say… I would never ever do a c-section if I didn’t have to. It was terrible in comparison. I had a way easier time with the vaginal. Nope, no c-sections for me unless required.

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