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You Can Get A ‘Boo’ Neon Sign To Put In Your House This Halloween Season

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OMG!! If you love Halloween, you totally have to check this out …

You can get this wicked cool BOO neon sign to show your love for all things Halloween, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.


Gorgeous, insanely high quality neon sign made by hand and built to last.

PauloNeon on Etsy

It’s a not-so-scary BOO neon sign, and it features spiderwebs, a ghost, a Jack-O-Lantern, a bat, and a spider — so perfect for this Halloween season.

You’re going to make a huge Halloween statement with this BOO neon sign that comes in FIVE different sizes.


It comes in a small 23 inch, and goes all the way up to a giant 39.5 inches — that’s more than 3-feet wide!

Wouldn’t this look so perfect in your front room, above a home bar, or maybe in an entryway to greet all those Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween night?!?


Made from long lasting, durable and environmentally friendly LED neon strip, mounted on a clear acrylic back board.

PauloNeon on Etsy

This BOO neon sign comes with a standard with a 16-foot clear power cord and a white or black power bank — that’s plenty of room to hang it just about anywhere with plenty of room to spare!

It is made to last 10 years, so you can totally display this neon sign spooky season after spooky season.


This BOO neon sign starts at $290.50, and — my favorite part — it ships for FREE!!

To get your own BOO neon sign, just head on over to the PauloNeon shop on Etsy.


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