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The Best Pop Culture Halloween Costumes For 2023

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It’s definitely time to start thinking about what kind of awesome Halloween costume you are going to wear this Halloween season.

And, while store-bought costumes can be pretty cool, they are so basic.

You don’t want to be a basic witch at Halloween!!

You want that show-stopping costume that’s going to make everyone say, “Wow!”

Check out these Pop Culture DIY Halloween Costumes that you can throw together this year for the BEST costume on the block.

Barbie DIY Costume

Of course, because of the Barbie movie, Barbie is the IT thing right now.

There are so many different directions you could go with this: Pink Barbie, Classic Barbie, even Weird Barbie. LOL!!

But, here are some things that are going to help you pull together a Barbie Halloween costume.


Ken DIY Costume

Coming in on the heels of the Barbie movie is this DIY Ken costume.

I love that it’s totally unique and fun!!

Here’s what you’ll need:


Indiana Jones DIY Costume

One of the sexiest Halloween costumes for the year — IMHO — is a take on Indiana Jones.

It’s so easy to pull together, and really takes minimal effort on your part.


Top Gun: Maverick DIY Costume

You have the need, the need for speed.

This Top Gun: Maverick costume is hella easy, and totally awesome!

Here’s what you’ll need:


Wednesday Addams DIY Costume

This is one of my favorites!! It makes my little black heart happy.

Wednesday Addams is totally easy to pull together, takes minimal effort, and will have maximum Halloween effect.

Here’s what you’ll need:


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