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DiGiorno Has A Buffalo Chicken Pizza Stuffed With A Cheese And Ranch Crust

I’m just going to say, if you don’t like ranch on your pizza, I don’t know that we can still be friends. You’re still a pretty cool person, but you’re wrong.

Courtesy of FoodieWithTheBeasts on Instagram

That’s why it’s so freaking AWESOME that DiGiorno decided to bake ranch seasoning right into their crust on their new Buffalo Style Chicken Ranch pizza!

Courtesy of FoodieWithTheBeasts on Instagram

See! DiGiorno knows what’s up. You can’t have Buffalo Chicken without the ranch — especially on pizza. So, they included Creamy Ranch Seasoning IN the crust and sauce!

I mean, I already LOVE their cheese stuffed pizza. BUT, I dunk the s*** out of that pizza in ranch dressing! So good.

If you haven’t tried it, Boo, you’re missing the damn boat.

According to the box, there is 2 1/2 feet of cheese stuffed into the crust. Yes, I said 2 1/2 FEET of cheese!

And, INSIDE that cheese — RANCH! You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound freaking amazeballs.

This pizza has been seen at Walmart, and you better believe, I’m hitting up the frozen pizza section of Walmart, immediately. They get me. They really get me!

Courtesy of FoodieWithTheBeasts on Instagram

Wanna know a secret? This DiGiorno Ranch Stuffed Cheese Crust also comes in a California Style Chicken Bacon Ranch flavor pizza. Um — YES, please!

Courtesy of DiGiorno

Just please don’t load your pizza up with peppermint. Ranch is one thing, peppermint is in another realm. Keep it far away.

Courtesy of @gotham146 on Twitter