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You Can Make A Grinch Inspired Sourdough Loaf That Is Perfect For Christmas Dinner!

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I think a lot of us feeling a little “Grinchy” this year, he seems to be a trending theme for this Christmas. So why not have fun with it? This Grinch inspired sourdough loaf is brilliant!

@cottageloaves – TikTok

I mean do we really even care about limiting carbs on Christmas? Bread is comforting, so let’s make and eat more bread!

@cottageloaves – TikTok

This Grinch inspired rosemary sourdough loaf not only sounds amazing, but it is a complete work of art! If you are into bread, the @cottageloaves account is for you! They are literally bread artists!

@cottageloaves – TikTok

The also posted a time lapse video showing how they created this amazing bread art! They used food coloring to paint the likeness of the Grinch right on to the bread.

@cottageloaves – TikTok

Then they used a razor to score around his face so that it would rise up and separate a bit while baking. It’s super cool and I want to try it for myself!


Grinch loaf??? Day 12 of #TheTwelveLoavesOfChristmas tw: razor used to score dough

♬ You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch – Thurl Ravenscroft

Even the packaging is gorgeous! They wrapped it then tied it with a string with a bundle of berries and foliage that really makes it gorgeous!


We can’t wait to give this to our neighbor’s children who love Mr. Grinch!

♬ Christmas In Whoville – Danny Elfman

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