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Parents Are Having The Grinch Crash Holiday Photo Shoots and It Is Hilarious

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Our family loves The Grinch (espeically the one with Jim Carey) so when I saw these photos, my heart grew three sizes!

People are doing Grinch Photo Shoots where they capture the moment their kids realize The Grinch has come to visit them.


Honestly, they are quite adorable and funny. I think my kids would totally get a kick out of this!


Some of the kids seem to do just fine and others completely freak out!! These moments captured though are priceless.


This mom actually caught the entire moment on video!!


Is this something your kids would freak out over or would they totally be into it?


Now, I know some of you might say this is going to traumatize the kids and honestly, I just think it’s fun. The parents made the decision to do these photo shoots with their kids and I think they’ll be just fine!


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