You Can Now Get A Device That Shocks Your Spouse When They Snore

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There is a new medical device on the market.  I’m going to need you guys to give me some feedback here…

This New Device Allows You To Shock Your Spouse When They Snore!

The Somnibel Pro Solution sticks to your forehead.

When you roll on your back it shocks you to encourage you to roll over.  Supposedly this will stop your snoring.


I have my doubts, since I know people who snore no matter what position they are in. It is supposed to be very light and the adhesive is hypoallergenic.


Comprises a small and light device that sticks to the forehead and applies a light vibration when you sleep in the supine position, this induces you to change position, thus reducing the occurrence of respiratory events. It represents a great step forward in comfort for patients with positional OSA and snoring.

It treats sleep apnea, which is a serious issue.  Sleep apnea interrupts the sleep cycle and may stop you from breathing. It also causes someone to snore and lose sleep. Rolling over on your side should open your airways and prevents the apnea.

That is why when you clobber your spouse while they are snoring and they roll over – the snoring stops.


Here are my issues with this device. 

First, my husband and I both snore a little.  So, we would both need to wear this.  I have a picture of us alternately getting shocked, waking up, rolling over, FINALLY getting back to sleep and then getting shocked again. There would be no sleep.

Second, if you shock me there is a very real chance that I’m coming up swinging.  Which would wake me and my husband and shock the heck out of him in a deep sleep.

Third, the information says the device “lightly vibrates” not shock you like a shock collar.  That’s comforting, but a light buzz is not going to wake up most snorers and make them move. So, I will have this adhesive on my forehead and my partner will still be suffering from my snoring? Are there different settings?

I don’t know y’all.  Helping someone not have to use a c-pap machine (which is an awful thing to wear) is a good thing.  I have my doubts about this one though.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you really want it, you can get it here.

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