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Holographic Hair Is The New Trend And I Love It

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Holographic hair is the new thing to try at the hair salon, and I don’t hate it. I’ve fallen into an Instagram hole, looking at holographic hair for longer than I care to admit!

Courtesy of fabhairbyjosh on Instagram

As a matter of fact, I think it is super cool, and I need to find someone who can do it to my hair!


One hair artist on Instagram, fabhairbyjosh, has quite a little library of holographic hair pictures, and they have me wanting to go to Florida, just so he can do my hair! Ha!


If you want to achieve this look, have your hair stylist (hair artist?) throw those highlighting foils out the window! They are going to need to hand paint this color onto your locks!


To form the ‘prism’ effect, stylists paint shades of tonal colour onto the hair freehand. Using foils like when creating traditional highlights or streaks won’t work here, as a three-dimensional look is needed.

Tina Farey, editorial director at Rush Hair to Tyla

You want to start with a more vibrant color, as this will fade over time — just like ANY cool color you put on your hair.


The less you can wash it, the better. Take full advantage of that dry shampoo — but make sure you get a good quality one.


As you can imagine, not EVERY salon is capable of recreating the exact color profile you may want. It is very important to have that talk with the stylish BEFORE you sit down in the chair.


Make sure you have pictures of exactly what you want. Make sure they understand that you CAN’T achieve this effect with foils.


Also, make sure you go to a hair professional that is versed in hair color. A color specialist is really the way to go here, for maximum effect.


Then, after you get your cool new hair, make sure you take plenty of pictures. I want to see it on Instagram!


You may LOVE holographic hair, but how do you feel about the Curly Eyelash trend?


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