Moms Who Get Massages Kinder, Happier People, Studies Say

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Don’t skip your spa day, because it has officially been scientifically proven that moms who get regular massages, pedicures and anything else that rubs on those sore tired muscles are kinder, happier people.

I mean, yeah we all KNEW that just from spending a day getting a seaweed scrub and a hot stone massage that our nerves would be less frazzled and we would be more likely to find our zen.

But, it turns out that there’s some actual reprogramming that goes on in your brain that actually makes you more kind, gives you more patience, and just ups your happy.

Why do massages make you happy?

Massages decrease your cortisol (which is just stress hormones) and increase seratonin and dopamine. Which basically means that every happy hormone you have is squished out during that sweet, smooth hot stone session giving you that all over feeling of Namaste and all that.

A mother’s body is basically always in a state of stress. This is due to our work/life balance. It doesn’t matter if you are a full time stay at home mom, or you work a 50 hour a week job, if you are a mom you are always working to take care of your kids.

In doing so, your body never gets a chance to reset for the “life” part of work/life balance. Sure there are moments of happy, but so many of them are centered on performance at work or how our children do, etc.

That’s why the massage time is SO important. You don’t have devices in your face, you don’t have children pulling on you and you don’t have work deadlines to meet.

It’s a moment in time where you HAVE to be in touch with what you want and how you want to feel because there is someone literally rubbing those spots.

The rubbing actually triggers your brain to FEEL good because your body is actually FEELING good. It forces you to focus on problem areas in life and roll them away the same way the masseuse rolls away the knots and tension in your muscle.

So next time you are thinking about skipping that massage, DON’T. You need that massage to make you a kinder person. That massage will make not only you happy, but because happiness is contagious, it will make everyone around you happy, too.


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  1. Great article. Please do share the scientific research/article that you are referencing. I would love to read it further.

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