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Netflix’s 2021 Christmas Movie Schedule Is Here And Santa Would Be Proud

Christmas is right around the corner and I am already in the festive mood! It’s taking everything I have to not put my tree up already!

Netflix just released their 2021 Christmas Movie/TV Show list, and I’m so ready! So here’s what we have in store!

Netflix Original Movies

  • The Claus Family – November 1st
  • Love Hard – November 5th
  • Father Christmas Is Back – November 7th
  • The Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star – November 18th
  • A Boy Called Christmas – November 25th
  • A Castle For Christmas – November 26th
  • Single All The Way – December 2nd
  • David And The Elves – December 6th
  • A California Christmas: City Lights – December 16th
  • Grumpy Christmas – December 22nd
  • 1000 Miles From Christmas – December 24th
  • A Naija Christmas – TBA

Netflix Original Series And Specials

  • Christmas Flow – November 17th
  • Blown Away: Christmas – November 19th
  • School Of Chocolate – November 26th
  • Elves – November 28th
  • The Great British Baking Show: Holidays – December 3rd
  • How to Ruin Christmas (Season 2) – TBA

Which are you most excited to watch this year?