United Airlines Has A New Commercial, Thanks To Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel!

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69 years old. That’s how old the man who was dragged off the United flight was. Sixty-nine and a married grandfather. An internal medicine specialist. And watching United get roasted over the open coals of public opinion for what happened is hopefully only the beginning of a BUNCH of changes that HAVE to be made. Not just for United, but for the airline industry. It has not be the friendly skies in a Very long time, and unless you’re going to take the bus…and let’s face it, we’re Not taking the bus…your hands are tied. Thank goodness Jimmy Kimmel stepped in to lend a helping hand. Knowing that United is having a rough time, he helped them design a new commercial to let the world know what they’re about. Take a look!

You know, with all this happening and as bad as it is, I really am hopeful that changes are made. They need to be made. And since most of us don’t want to use our faces as flotation devices, let’s hope United truly does step up and do better from here on out.

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